4510 W Pico Boulevard,

Los Angeles, CA 90019

HQ Aikido Kobayashi USA

Michael J. Jacyna - Founder/Chief Instructor

Aikido Academy Los Angeles founder and chief instructor Michael Jacyna Sensei, began his practice of martial arts at age 8, starting with Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do and shortly after followed by Aikido.

Throughout his involvement with martial arts, Michael Jacyna traveled extensively in Europe, Japan and U.S., regularly attending and practicing in camps and seminars led by renowned Aikido experts such as Jacek Wysocki Shihan, Giampietro Savegnago Shihan and Andre Cognard Shihan. Since 1998, Jacyna has also been organizing international Aikido seminars, exhibitions and summer camps in the U.S. and Europe.

Before relocating to the United States, Michael Jacyna introduced and initiated the Aikido Kobayashi in the Czech Republic when he opened his first Aikido dojo in the city of Opava. The Aikido Dojo Opava is currently run by his former students. In 2001, he also founded Prague Aikido Academy.

In 2003, he moved to Los Angeles, CA and began offering Aikido training. Aikido Academy Los Angeles opened its doors in 2011 where he is pleased to offer Aikido instruction in the tradition and lineage of Hirokazu Kobayashi Shihan (1929-1998), student and frequent assistant of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba O’sensei.

Hirokazu Kobayashi Shihan’s techniques were described as very short, elegant, powerful and precise with as little movement offline as possible. His techniques consisted of the center line control and Meguri - literally meaning flexibility and rotation of the forearms producing the maximum result while carrying out techniques with the minimum amount of effort.

Aikido Academy Los Angeles is the first dojo dedicated exclusively to practicing and promoting Aikido Kobayashi in the United States and is also the headquarters of Aikido Kobayashi USA.

Michael Jacyna is the author of Explore Aikido Vol. 1, 2 & 3, series of books showcasing Aiki-Tai Jutsu unarmed techniques in aikido, Aiki-Jo staff techniques in aikido, and Aiki-Ken sword techniques in aikido.

Michael Jacyna is GoDan (5th degree black belt), holds the title of Shihan Dai and Renshi DNBK (Dai Nippon Butoku Kai), he is fluent in English, Polish & Czech, CPR & first aid certified. He welcomes both American & international students at the dojo.



Marie Visisombat - Assistant Instructor

Marie Visisombat, attracted to Aikido Kobayashi by its elegant form, efficiency and ukemi (falling technique),  joined Aikido Academy Los Angeles in 2014. Originally introduced to Aikido in Southern California, she trains continuously since 2007.

Marie Darany  is assisting and teaching on a regular basis kids and adults aikido classes at Aikido Academy Los Angeles. She is NiDan holder (2nd degree black belt) and CPR certified. She is fluent
in English, French and Lao.


Zachary Nikolayev - Assistant Instructor

Zachary Nikolayev joined Aikido Academy Los Angeles in 2014. Originally introduced to Aikido in 2006, since than he's been actively involved in the study of Aikido, personal fitness and self-improvement.

Zachary is assisting and teaching on a regular basis kids and adults aikido classes. He is NiDan holder (2nd degree black belt), CPR & first aid certified. He is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

In addition of assisting and attending classes at Aikido Academy Los Angels, Zachary is also a chief instructor at Aikido Academy Thousand Oaks which he opened in July 2016. The dojo is a member of Aikido Kobayashi USA. To learn more about Zachary’s dojo you may visit AikidoTO.com